Perfect fit gets it name because of the incredibly neat appearance of a blind functioning inside its own frame, and simply clipping to the surround of each pane of glass.

There is no drilling or damage to your windows, and the frames become an additional contour and appear an integral part of your UPVC windows.

Frame colours available are mahogany, silver, golden oak, white, brown and now stunning anthracite grey.

There are two types of blind suited for perfect fit.

PLEATED – A small folded fabric resembling a concertina, that folds neatly up and down within the frame. This option is a soft look because of its fabric appearance.

VENETIAN – A 25mm Aluminium Venetian blind which can be raised and lowered , and opened with a twist of a translucent small control wand.

Both styles have a huge choice of colours and create a notable change and atmosphere to the room.

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